Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Changes I have been making to try to lose weight and be healthy and not go insane or get depressed in the process!

1.  I am eating out less and cooking from scratch more.  You would not believe the stack of dishes I have every night and the mess and chaos this causes.

2.  I am making sure I bring a healthy snack with me whenever I leave the house, whether it be a banana, a small bag of nuts or a Weight watchers cheese stick so that if I get hungry and I am stuck at soccer, dance ect.  I will not reach for that slice of pizza although I really want that slice of pizza.  Marblehead House of Pizza, I miss you!

3.  I have been trying to move and exercise every day.  I have been spinning 3-5 times a week and walking on the off days with Daisy.  Thank goodness for the amazing spin instructors at the YMCA that make me sweat and want to cry from the pain!

4.  I think about everything I put in my mouth, no mindless eating anymore.  I used to pick everything off my kids plates and then eat my dinner, which was always some form of takeout.

5.  I have been looking at myself in the mirror if I feel tempted to stray, I never used to look in the mirror.

6.  I always make sure I have and this will sound silly, but I always have in my fridge a plain rotisserie or home roasted chicken, salsa and low fat weight watcher cheese.  When in a pinch put some chicken on a plate, and sprinkle with cheese and then top with salsa, it is a quick fix to hunger attacks and dinner on the run between the 4 kids insane schedules.

7.  I have been food shopping every week planning my meals and buying a new fruit or vegetable or meat or fish every week to experiment with.  Boredom with your food will lead to disaster.

8.  I am allowing myself to eat the food I used to love when I feel the need, I just eat a smaller portion.  My husband, the rail who eats whatever he wants with no consequences, and I went out to the Barnacle to watch the Celtics, we ordered wings and I had two and then asked for extra celery.  Still enjoyed my wings, just less of them.

9.  I am attending a weight watcher meeting once a week and weighing in.

10.  I am blogging and sharing on facebook to make myself accountable, it takes a village to make a pixie!

What are you doing to make healthy choices?

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